Pete Nowakowski, The Football Sack:
"A truly amazing insight into the life of a professional footballer. From being the next big thing in German football to being singled out for being too different. This is a must watch DVD for all football fans."

Phil Brown, Brisbane News:
"Thomas is thankful that he has made the best decision of his life, one that gave Tom Meets Zizou the Hollywood ending that it so deserves."

Matt Smith, Brisbane Roar captain:
"I wouldn't swap Thomas Broich for Harry Kewell. That's no disrespect to Harry. But Thomas has proven in the time he's been with Brisbane that he's a world-class player."

Andy Harper, FOX Sports:
"Former Socceroos defender Milan Ivanovic to me was the god of imports. But Broich is different. I'm putting myself up there to be shot down, but Broich is a sensation."

11 Freunde (biggest German magazine of football culture):
"A magnificent portrait, allowing the viewer to closely share Broich’s personal life. The greatest quality of this quiet, unpretentious film is authenticity."

Kicker (first and biggest German football magazine):
"Pause created a film of fascinating density, which, at the same time, allows deep insights into the professional football scene. An extraordinary project."

Taz (alternative, cultural newspaper):
"An exceptionally intimate glance at what happens behind the scenes of professional football."

Die Zeit (most influential weekly newspaper):
„A witty study of an often dim-witted industry. It contains ruptures, twists, and lessons – and a healing finale. With exceptional candor Broich exposes the clichés and hypocrisy of the Bundesliga in the film.“

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Important German newspaper):
"Tom meets Zizou shows the pressure of the football industry. But it is not a study of failure. Rather, it is an itinerary of perceived hopelessness. It is a candid and ruthless glance behind the scenes of a young man and his career in football."

Frankfurter Rundschau (Important German newspaper):
"For months there have been discussions in professional football about depression, taboos, and young men who put up with anything in their pursuit of success and sometimes lose themselves in the process. ‘Tom meets Zizou’ offers an alternative."

N-TV (Biggest German news TV station):
"The film reveals a profound, frank, and ruthless view behind the scenes of the football industry whose mechanisms Broich does not accept and almost end up destroying him. It is an exceptional long term study."

Berliner Morgenpost (Newspaper of Berlin):
"Tom meets Zizou offers us deep insights into the personal life of Thomas Broich. The relationship between director and actor turned into a friendship during the making of the film. Yet, Pause does not go easy on Broich and does not allow him to present himself in a favorable light." (German web portal):
An exceptional documentary of impressive intensity that follows its subject over a long period of time. Such up-close views of the professional industry are a novelty."

11mm-Festival (the first football filmfestival worldwide):
"A warning for sensitive football professionals who are tired of being controlled by the male-dominated and success-hungry Bundesliga." (German football web portal):
"Those who hope to keep their illusions about the dream job of being a professional football player should not watch this film. All others must definitely do so. This is one of those rare films that take place in the region between the world of professional football players and the parallel universe of the football audience. In fact, one should watch this film together with one’s favorite football team and then discuss it endlessly, even without beer, team traditions, and back patting."